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Let's See Who We Serve

We serve individuals seeking private, affordable, accessible legal defense within Yavapai County.


We have an unbiased approach to filling the GAP in services between the Yavapai County Public Defender's Office and Community Legal Services of Arizona. Most people are not entitled to the assistance of a public defender in misdemeanor cases where jail time is not required by law, yet those charges can have significant consequences in and out of the court setting. CLS does not provide help in criminal cases but does for some types of civil cases. CLS can't help people who make more than a certain amount.


We don't care what you make and can help in those situations where you might not have legal help otherwise. 

Let's See Our Process

Step 1: Contact Me or Book Online 

Step 2: We talk, either on the phone or in-person. Lets see my services are right for you. 

Step 3: If I am able to help you, I will walk you through how to hire me.
Step 4: If I am unable to help you, I will give you some alternative resources to contact. 

Step 5: If you end up hiring me, I will fight for the best outcome I can. I will make sure to explain the process as we go.  

Let's Explain Our Services

Initial Consultation

Let's see if my services are the right fit for you.

This is a call or meeting to talk for the first time generally about what you are looking for and whether I am able to help you with those needs.


I plan to listen to your story, review your paperwork, if any, and ask you some questions. I do NOT promise any legal advice at this point about your case. This meeting on its own does NOT create an attorney-client relationship but I am obligated to maintain confidentiality and abide by other ethical rules.


If I decide that I want to take your case, then I will review my fee agreement and prices with you. We would then schedule another time to talk more in detail about your case.


If I decide that I am not able at this time to take your case, then I would give you a list of other attorneys or resources to try for help in your area.


Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

This includes a number of the various misdemeanors that are typically charged in Justice and City Courts. 

This price includes defending you in a criminal case involving a misdemeanor charge from the moment of arrest to sentencing. A bench or jury trial is an additional $500 because of the time commitment required. 

There are a large variety of misdemeanors but some of the more common types are:

 Driving under the Influence (DUI), Domestic Violence (DV), Traffic/Speeding, Reckless Driving, Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Underage Marijuana Possession, and the list goes on.

****This list is NOT all of the cases I can help with but are just the more common types I have encountered.

$1000 (excl. taxes and any card fees)

flat rate, upfront

Simple Civil Cases

This includes defending from or filing Orders of Protection, Injunctions Against Harassment, and Evictions. Also, this would include civil traffic matters like license issues, MVD defense, and civil traffic cases. 

$500 (excl. taxes and any card fees)

flat rate, upfront

Drafting Trusts, Estate Planning, and Other Documents

This includes drafting simple trusts, simple wills, and dealing with simple probate questions or issues. Price can vary by circumstances and time required.

$300 (excl. taxes and card fees)

flat fee, upfront, *price can vary*

Quick Case Update

You are looking to get a quick update on your case.

Typically this is used if you have a hearing coming up and just want a quick update about your case.

****I MUST have agreed to take your case and you MUST have signed a fee agreement and paid in full for this option.

Included with standard fee agreement.

One Hour Detailed Meeting

You just want one hour of my time after initial consultation.

This is for those circumstances where you want my opinion and advice but don't want to employ me just yet as your attorney. This also works for when you don't think you need to employ me as your attorney in a matter but just want to talk to me, get my opinions and advice, and allow me to do some research.

$200 (excl. taxes and any card fees)

for 1 hour, upfront

Court Filing

If I drafted the document, I can file it for you so long as the law allows it. Depending on the document, you may need to have it notarized or sign it ahead of time.  

Including in drafting cost.

Legal Research and Drafting

Working on a case and need some help with research or drafting? I got you covered. 

This is a limited scope service where I can perform a simple or single task in a case for you. Pricing is on a case by case basis but generally would be about $150 per hour of my time.

$150/hour (excl. taxes and any card fees)

flat rate, upfront, *price can vary*

Rights Restoration

Have you lost your rights through the justice system? I'll do what I can to get them restored.

This includes seeking to get a case set-aside, a case sealed, or a marijuana case expunged in Arizona. Post-conviction relief petitions, seeking waivers of court fines and fees, and seeking early termination from probation are also included. Price negotiable depending on service needed.

$500 (excl. taxes and card fees)

flate rate, upfront, *price can vary*

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